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PVC-u Fabricated Fittings

Alamin Co. For pipes supplies wide range of PVC-u fittings, joints, accessories, and special parts. PVC-u fittings are used in Drainage, Sewage, Ventilation, Irrigation, and water pipelines.

PVC-u Fabricated fittings are made from sections of PVC-u pipe cut to a specific design and joined by welding technique to form the required item. PVC-u Fabricated pressure fittings are reinforced with layers of fiberglass to withstand working pressure, to sustain loads, and to increase durability. forming of the PVC-u Fittings is done according to knowledge gained from experience in the field and continuous contact with the experts in the industry. wall thickness is increased in high-stress areas to resist stress resulted from fabrication process.


large diameter PVC-u fittings require special handling during shipping unloading, and installation.
PVC-u fittings are made also as per customer specific design to suit site installation needs.

Advantages of PVC-u fittings:


Light weight and easy to install.
Highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.
Long service life expected 50 years
Do not need any maintenance.
The smooth internal surface of PVC pipe fittings means they offer better flow properties and there is no attachment of internal sediments to the pipes.